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Broken Chair : symbol for armed violence victims 

Broken Chair symbolizes the despair and dignity of armed violence victims. Its aim is to remind the obligation of states to protect and help victims. The presence of Broken Chair in Place des Nations allows everyone to reflect on their own responsibility and encourages action!

Created : 1997 

Size and weight : 12 meters and 5.5 tons

Material : Douglas Wood

Owner : Handicap International, Humanity & Inclusion

Project : Paul Vermeulen, co-founder of Handicap International Switzerland

Artist : Daniel Berset 

Carpenter : Louis Genève

Engineer : Thomas Büchi



18 August - Broken Chair settles in Place des Nations

The giant chair mutilated by an explosion has been created out of Handicap International’s desire to mobilize states...

An uncertain future 2005

An uncertain future

The renovation of Place des Nations threatens of Broken Chair. "While for the architects, the artwork integrated perfectly their visual concept...


February 26 – The return of Broken Chair

Beyond the debate about its future, Broken Chair returns to its original location due to its popularity. 


Broken Chair for Cluster Bomb Victims

Handicap International decides to extend the symbolic force of the artwork to support the process of banning cluster bombs...


A New Fight for Broken Chair :  Explosive Weapons

Handicap International decides to expand Broken Chair’s mission. As part of its campaign « Stop bombing civilians! »...

November 14 – inauguration of the monument to the Unknown Civilian 2019

November 14 – inauguration of the monument to the Unknown Civilian

As the first witness to the damages caused by explosive weapons and true to its founding revolt against weapons that kill civilians, Handicap International paid tribute...

January 31 – A sad return to the news 2020

January 31 – A sad return to the news

Following the announcement made by U.S. government to resume the use and storage of anti-personnel mines, Handicap International...




Broken Chair
Place of Nations
1202 Geneva

Public transport / Nations decision

Stop : Nations 



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